Because the title suggests, Ranbir Kapoor can be a flirt daddy on this film. Questioning how would they picturize the title tune. Very like his father, Rishi Kapoor’s bachna Ae haseeno tune, this must be foot tapping, Or do you suppose its going to be the identical tune however remixed? Do not know but however I will know that quickly.

It is mentioned to be based mostly on the the Jimmie Shannon starer ‘The Bachelor’ launched in 1999. If you have not seen the film, this is the plot for you.

Jimmie Shannon values his freedom greater than life itself. As his male friends, even his finest buddy, Marco, start to hook up in marriage, Jimmie continues fortunately plugging away together with his courting way of life, …( learn extra learn extra… )in no rush to search out “the one.” When he least expects it, Jimmie crosses paths with the lovely Anne and falls in love. After a three-year relationship, Jimmie feels the pressures of dedication and decides to “give in”, reluctantly proposing to Anne on the most romantic of eating places. Sensing his uncertainty and offended over his botched and lame try at a proposal, Anne dumps Jimmie. Shortly thereafter, Jimmie’s grandfather passes away and wills a $100 million inheritance to his grandson, on the situation he marries earlier than his thirtieth birthday, which is lower than twenty-four hours away…

I can not share the spoils with you for Bachna Ae Haseeno however looks as if an attention-grabbing story line for a Bollywood masala film. I’m a staunch Yash Raj Fan and have not missed a single film that has come out underneath that banner. Furthermore, it stars, Ranbir Kapoor yaar!! So I might remember to watch this one. How about you??

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