Being the creator of a number of books on the martial arts and combating, I’m at all times searching for books of historic high quality so as to add to my library. If I’ve a ebook in my library, it is undoubtedly price proudly owning. One such ebook is Bobby Lowe’s, “Mas Oyama’s Karate.”

Included on this ebook are some actually fantastic historic pictures of each Masutatsu “Mas” Oyama and Bobby Lowe. These pictures are along with the quite a few pictures of Mr. Lowe’s college students demonstrating the strategies described all through this ebook.


On this part, Mr. Lowe offers a short historical past of the evolution of karate from its beginnings which began in China and traveled to Okinawa, earlier than arriving in Japan. Mr. Lowe additionally provides a short historical past of Kyokushin-kai Karate and its founder, Masutatsu “Mas” Oyama.

Heat-Up Procedures:

Demonstrated on this part are sixteen (16) completely different warm-up and stretching workout routines that the creator recommends that it is best to carry out earlier than and after every follow session. These workout routines embrace; push-ups, sit-ups, leg stretches, bounce rope, and so forth.


Demonstrated on this part are 13 (13) completely different stances which can be utilized in Kyokushin-kai Karate. They embrace such stances as; driving or horse stance, ahead stance, sanchin stance, cat stance, again stance, and so forth.

Nerve Facilities:

I used to be dissatisfied that this part provided completely no description or textual content in any respect. Nonetheless, it does present the precept hanging areas on the human physique. That is carried out by way of using a back and front view diagram of the human physique.

Punching, Putting, Blocking, and Kicking:

These three sections present twenty-two (22) numerous punches and strikes. Though there is no such thing as a textual content equipped to show you tips on how to accurately execute them. Within the blocking part, eight (8) blocks are proven, whereas one, the round block is definitely demonstrated with textual content to show you tips on how to execute it. Within the part on kicking, sixteen (16) kicks are proven. Though none are literally demonstrated with textual content equipped with a purpose to train you tips on how to accurately execute them.

Respiration Strategies:

After a short introduction to respiratory and the significance thereof to the martial artist, there are demonstrated 4 (4) completely different primary respiratory workout routines to develop your respiratory capability and ki improvement.


After a short rationalization on the aim of kata in karate, Heian or Pinan Shodan is demonstrated with pictures and textual content.

Prearranged Sparring:

On this part, eighteen (18) prearranged sparring kinds are demonstrated the place the defender makes use of particular defenses and counters towards predetermined strikes by the attacker. This can be a excellent manner of introducing the start college students to the fundamentals of defending oneself towards an assault.

Protection towards Grabbing Assaults:

Images and textual content are used to display fourteen (14) numerous defenses towards a wide range of grabs similar to; single wrist grabs, double wrist grabs, chokes, bear hugs, lapel grabs, and so forth.

Protection towards a Knife and Membership:

After a short introduction explaining the risks current when confronted by an attacker with a weapon, the creator demonstrates eight (8) completely different defenses for defending your self towards an attacker armed with a knife and/or membership.

Free Type Sparring:

This part is extraordinarily temporary and exhibits a number of examples of assorted strategies being demonstrated on an opponent.


After an all too temporary, however sound introduction, the creator exhibits a number of examples of various kinds of breaks.

Protection towards A number of Attackers:

After a short web page of the ideas behind being attacked by a couple of opponent, the creator demonstrates 5 (5) completely different examples of what you possibly can do if attacked by a number of opponents at one time.

Makiwara Coaching:

A short introduction to the makes use of of the Makiwara is defined.

Total it is a very enlightening ebook on the fundamentals of Kyokushin-kai Karate.

Source by Shawn Kovacich

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